Florida Webmaster Consulting Services

Do you have questions or need help with website construction, domain names, hosting, search engine optimization, Internet marketing or any other web related topic? Do you want to make your website more effective and profitable? Would you like to build your own website, but don’t feel confident in your abilities?  The answer is to partner with a reliable experienced webmaster who offers answers, help and advice on an affordable basis.

I offer unbundled consulting services on these and many other web related topics.  My rates are competitive and your only commitment is an advance purchase of only 5 hours.  I bill my time in 15 minute increments and keep a time sheet for your review.

If you think this arrangement may work for you and are tired of unqualified or biased opinions, give me a call  or send me an email.  I provide my clients with a toll free phone number. I am courteous, patient, answer and return phone calls promptly and deliver timely and effective service.  Give me a try, I think you be pleased.


Call: Phil Kelley
8:30 AM – 7:00 PM EST
866 518-1817