Phil Kelley Florida Webmaster

Thank you for your interest in my services. My experience as a computer professional and small business owner spans a period of over 40 years. I began my career with the Burroughs Corporation in 1966. The Burroughs Corporation was an early developer of business accounting equipment and their many innovations helped to create the computer industry we know today.

In 1970, I left Burroughs to form my own company Accounting Machines Inc. which later became AMI Computer.  AMI was an early innovator in the field of software design and one of the first independent computer dealers in the United States.  I was one of the original founding members of AMDA, the Associated Minicomputer Dealers of America and was personally instrumental in defining numerous nationally marketed wholesale distribution software packages.  AMI developed custom software packages for retail, service, building supply, wholesale distribution, government, banking and scores of other business applications. Our developers were unequaled and our dedication to providing outstanding service and support helped us to obtain and keep many loyal clients.

After thirty years as company founder and CEO, I turned the daily operation of AMI over to my son Phil Jr. in 2000.   AMI Technologies, Inc. is still owned and operated by Phil Jr. and has grown to be a significant provider of computer services to the South Florida business and banking community. Shortly after our move to Mount Dora, my wife Judy began working on her dream of starting a business of her own. She became interested in Real Estate and asked me to use my marketing experience to help her launch her new career. Together we came to the realization that the Internet was opening a tremendous opportunity for real estate agents. Utilizing my computer background and experience, I created three interlinked websites that would eventually dominate nearly every relevant Internet real estate search term in our area. We continue to experiment and innovate our Internet marketing, enhancing and adjusting our web presence to address the needs of an ever-expanding customer base.

Judy’s Mount Dora Realtor and Lakefront Florida websites have helped to make her one of the most successful Realtors in Central Florida. Her Internet presence is unequalled and her websites bring in a steady stream of buyers and sellers. Interesting enough, most of her Internet information requests come from luxury homebuyers looking for homes over $500,000 and her sales have held steady throughout the housing crisis and worst economic decline in 50 years.

Using our success in real estate marketing as a springboard, I expanded my website design and consulting business to clients in other industries. This website includes a portfolio containing examples of some of my most successful projects. They include service companies, wholesale distributors, accountants, manufacturers, retailers and a wide array of related businesses.

I especially enjoy working directly with small business owners and managers. My experience and hands-on knowledge of using the Internet to create sales leads has helped many business people like yourself to succeed in very competitive markets.

I insist on meeting all of my potential clients in person. Together, we will discuss your Internet project in detail, review your marketing plan and evaluate your potential for success. We will speak in terms of cost vs. return and establish workable goals and time schedules. All of this will happen before any design work begins. The long term success of your project will depend greatly on the detail and thoroughness of our planning. Believe me, it is much cheaper and more effective to plan projects in detail beforehand than to fix them after they fall short.

If you would like to discuss utilizing my services, please contact me. You will be surprised to learn how effective Internet marketing can be.