Florida Internet Marketing Consultant

“Making the Phone Ring!”

The Internet has opened the door of opportunity for millions of entrepreneurs worldwide. It has rapidly and radically changed the business landscape forever. Businesses now exist that were not possible before the Internet, where small businesses can compete head-to-head with huge corporations.

Today most businesses have a website. Unfortunately, few websites have the ability to attract new customers and create revenue on their own. In order to create a website that “makes the phone ring”, you must first answer three important questions; “What is your product?”, “Who are your customers?” and “How will they find you?”.

To answer these questions, it is critical that you place yourself in the shoes of your potential Internet customers. The Internet marketplace can be very unforgiving. Your website must clearly project the exact business you are in within three seconds of each visit. If it takes more than three seconds, you have most likely lost a potential sale.

Successful websites designed to make the phone ring have the following in common:

● Clear business message

● Fast loading

● No error messages or lockups

● Easy to use with consistent navigation

● Phone number and contact information prominently displayed

● No requirement to enter personal information or email address

● Provide information customers are looking for

● Easily found on Google, Yahoo or Bing

The best website in the world is the one that gives you the information you are seeking in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort possible. If your website does not do this, customers will quickly move on to a website that does.

Beautiful graphical designs, Flash movies and cool logos are nice to look at, but do not sell products or attract new customers if these basic principals are not followed. I have spent my entire working life in a small business environment creating sales out of thin air. Together, we will work to create a website that will reach your goals and stay within your budget. If you would like to utilize my consulting services please contact me. I am here to help you and to make your Internet project a success.