right answer to the marketing business

SEOSince the 2010s, the era of marketing has changed. As people started using smartphones, they can use the Internet anytime and anywhere. With the development of SNS, the effectiveness of offline advertising has become minimal, and the effectiveness of online advertising has been maximized. As a result, marketing companies are now focusing on online advertising, and marketing companies that do not do online advertising have been eliminated. In particular, e-commerce sites are one of the businesses that require online advertising, as the profit rate increases and decreases several times through online advertising. Many marketing companies are still pursuing various online marketing methods to keep up with the times, and various attempts are being made centered on the emerging Instagram and TikTok. There is no right answer to the marketing business, but if you can get ahead of others and succeed in unique marketing methods, you can earn several times to tens of times the profit, so it is one of the businesses that many people jump into, so it may be good to try.